About Us

About us

Welcome to Dacosta Brand Limited.

We are a Kenyan registered Company under the Laws of Kenya dealing with Printing and General Supplies to various Governmental Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations and Individual Companies allover the country thus easily accessible. We are located at Luthuli River Road Junction.

The Team

The company has a team of well trained personnel, dedicated to customer support whose primary responsibility is to see you professionally taken care in all your requirements.

Service Delivery

We are totally committed to working with our clients and focusing on finding a n individual solution to their unique business requirements. We are always prepared to respond quickly to whatever task is required of us and deliver an exceptional customer service.

Our Clients

Our clients relationship does not end with the delivery of goods but rather begins then. We treat all clients as kings, our integrity is never to be compromised and our objective is to achieve a good reputation and earn referrals from our clients.

Team Members

This team is the reason for our success

Alice Otieno

Head of Operations

Alice Otieno

Software Engineer

Ruth Kanyiri

Business Development Manager

Paul Kubai

General Manager

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